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atelier haute cuisine - lightsculpture bad stop


We were asked by " Duik " to make an artwork referring to one of the urban legends that circulate in the city of Leuven.

There was this story about a hidden drain plug at the bodem of the canal, which in times of crisis could be unplugged to drain the canal when someone would try to invade the city by boat.

To relive this old urban legend we made a light sculpture of a giant drain plug and let it float in the harbour of leuven. 

According to the legend the only person who knows the exact whereabouts of the plug is the Mayor of the city, so we invited the current mayor to illuminate the sculpture for the first time. And had a life debat with him about the region around the harbour back in the days and in his future vision.

atelier haute cuisine - lightsculpture bad stop
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