2020 a year never to forget. A strange and highly unusal time that made it very clear how vulnerable we are but more importantly how we rush through life. We used the extra time in our quarantine to develop ourselves and our work even further. We joined some individual ideas into a new design.


From creating big fiberglass lightsculptures we wanted to go back to the basic form of artificial light, the lightbulb.

So instead of making a casing around a light bulb we made a pedestal to display  and bring a homage to it.

A building block that can be arranged in different ways and allows us to experiment with material and structure.


Back in the days there were a lot of coal mines in the area we grew up in. Those mines created big dumping grounds  for their stone debris which changed the landscape forever.

Nowadays nature took over again and the former dumping grounds are beautiful green hills with a lot of hiking trails where you can still find peaces of coal. So after some hiking and coal collecting we decided we wanted to include this material that shaped our area into what it is today. And make a limited series of 100pcs that include coal debris.

© 2016 Haute Cuisine

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