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 2020 a year never to forget. During the lockdown period we spend a lot of time hiking in our home town. Back in the days there were a lot of coal mines in the area. Those mines created big dumping grounds for their stone debris which changed the landscape forever. Nowadays nature took over again and the former dumping grounds are beautiful green hills with a lot of hiking trails.


The forced/ obligated time off, the landscape and its mining history gave us the inspiration for this new light object.

Rather than designing a light fixture that covers the light bulb, we created a pedestal to display  the bulb. A building block with two different imprints of a light bulb with socket. The block can be placed on different sides, so you can display it in different ways. The design wears the suitable name COFIT-20. “CO” stands for the multiple combinations, “FIT” is an abbreviation from “fitting” the Dutch word for socket and “20” stands for the year 2020. And there is the obvious reference to a period that we also want to associate with something positive in addition to all the negative.


The black block is made from a concrete compound containing pieces of coal and coal waste that we collected during our walks on the former dumping grounds of the mines. In this way we want to pay tribute to our roots, the place where we grew up, the coal mining history and our love for light.

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