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Amsterdam Light Festival 30/11/2023 - 21/01/2024

An artwork that is based on a picture created by an AI program. Because the theme of Amsterdam light festival this year is technology and AI, we thought this would be an appropriate way to start the design proces. Especially as one of the results was a picture of a group of humanoids with hunched backs, that gave the impression they were looking at something that could be a smartphone of some kind. The question is, what is AI trying to tell us with this? Are we as a species suffering from the very technology we have invented, are we glued too much to our phones, or are we witnessing the next step in human evolution?

To make it our own and create a contrast with the latest state-of-the-art AI technology, we used classic moulding techniques to create fiberglass copies of our own bodies.

For the light festival in Amsterdam we distributed 12 of these copies throughout the city wandering the streets.

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