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Watou 2022

"Watou poetry read thru"

What if we removed a few barriers to make it easier for the visitors of the arts festival Watou to connect with the poetry.

On our quest to find a better way to feed the poetry to the visitors of Watou, we drove by a fast food chain with empty stomachs. The bright neon sign and the words “drive thru “ sucked us in and before we knew it, we were sitting with a hamburger on our lap.

Wouldn’t it be a good experiment to also apply this popular tactic as a strategy to see if we can introduce poetry in Watou to a larger audience and make it more popular again.

A huge neon sign luring in the middle of a field to spark their attention.

A menu board, providing different choices so they can customize their order.

Followed by a self-order kiosk which prints a cash register ticket with the desired poem, so the consumer can take it with them to read it at their own pace at a location of their choice.

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